Getting Started

ESLWriter searches nearly every paper published in the field of computer science (with more academic domains coming in the near future). Use Target Corpus, Collocation, and Synonym Tools to make your results more precise.

Target Corpus

Select "Settings" from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner, then choose your interested field as your corpus.

Field setting


When you enter one or two terms in the search bar, ESL Writer will automatically show suggested collocation types (n+v)/(v+n)/(prep)/(modifies). Wildcard * can be used as a placeholder for one of the two collocated words.


searching for a verb to collocate with robustness

All collocation results, along with their usage counts, are displayed on the left side of the results page.


Searching for a preposition for suggestion

Include Synonyms

Add a question mark ? at the end of a word to include its synonyms in the search results.


Mixed Use

ESLWriter supports mixed use of both features above.

mixed searching