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    significant ... impact (410): These highly discrepant values had significant impact on the mission duration and cost.

    positive ... impact (263): The game was not very popular, but had a small positive impact on reaction times.

    potential ... impact (149): Following use of the wristband, a number of themes arose with respect to its potential impact.


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    doubt (562): Text enclosed in parentheses represents transcribed talk for which doubt exists.

    reluctance (161): This led to an extreme reluctance to participate in the development of new technologies.

    hesitation (108): Participants showed no hesitation in voicing confusions, criticisms and suggestions.


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    start ... program (29): The modelled task is "to programm a couple of songs and to start this program”.

    launch ... program (25): Think about how you launch programs, edit documents, and browse the web.

    open ... program (6): To open eternal programs from a browser is critical issue due to security restrictions.


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    To our best knowledge, the developed algorithms are off-line processing ones.

    However, there has to the best of our knowledge not been any such comparison carried out.

    Neither has Kleinberg's method been implemented yet in a commercial web search engine, to the best of our knowledge.


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