• circumstance? (semantic)

        set (12812): First, tips in the training and test sets are ranked.

        condition (11728): Recall that in the interstitial condition, participants must acknowledge the privacy indicator.

        circumstance (461): When we asked them to complete the task in a new circumstance they became more attentive.


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  • * (修饰) study (collocation)

        user...study (1876): We performed the user study in one corner of a dedicated projection lab.

        field...study 711): A field study was chosen in order to maximize ecological validity, sacrificing the control of the lab.

        pilot...study (549): We report on user feedback from a pilot study of SongSelect with four participants.


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  • conduct? (动宾) study? (mixed)

        conduct...study (1166): The experimenters applied for permission to conduct the study through the ethical review process.

        carry...study (120): To confirm the results obtained, we carried out the study again with four blind users with no residual sight.

        conduct...survey (97): We wanted to conduct a survey that would help us prioritize the conditions we would later test in the lab.


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  • how to use (basic)

        This could be because they do not understand how to use them, or are not aware that they are available.

        In both cases, additional instruction about how to efficiently use the menu with one or two hands appeared to resolve the difficulty.

        The current project addresses how to make use of a remote control device for text input on the TV screen.


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